Basic set Ball two stripes stainless steel

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Basic set Ball two stripes stainless steel

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Set of curtain rod in stainless steel finish.

Composed by :

Bar of the length and thickness chosen by the customer made of steel.
In this set from 3 meters the tube is sent cut and with piece of junction.

(Remember that we can cut it to size).

Supports for roof or forehead. In the measure of 2.50 and above, three supports are included.

Rings with inner teflon for a better slip and less noise or without rings according to your choice, in the case of choosing the option with rings, ten rings are included per meter and always in even number, for example for the measurement of 1.50 include 16 rings, for the measurement of 2 meters, 20 rings are included, for the measurement of 2.50, 26 rings are included, etc.


Screws and plugs required for installation.

We have long, lateral supports, etc. If you have any questions you can contact us and we will solve it.

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