Black Ibiza Finish Set

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Curtain rod set in forge finish

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Curtain rod set in forge finish

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Curtain rod of the length and thickness indicated by the customer.

Also includes supports, terminals, rings, if you have indicated, screws and plugs. As well as transportation and collection management.

In case of choosing the option with rings are included 10 rings per meter of tube.

The rings are metallic and strong.

Possibility of finishing in the entire range of forging finishes.

Three options for the support. Cylinder Type, Bracket Type and Ceiling Bracket.

Measurements up to two meters include two supports.

Measurements from two meters up to 4.50 include three supports.

Measures of 5 meters include 4 supports.

Measures of 5 to 6 meters include 5 supports.

The cylinder type support gives a more modern and light to the installation.

The bracket type squad, gives a more classic appearance and is a support especially indicated for heavier curtains.

We have long supports, roof, double, side, etc in the forge cutting section.

From 0 to 300 cms. the bar is sent in one piece.

From 301 cms up to 600 cms the bar is sent in two pieces and with splicing part for the inside of the tube, the gasket will be concealed by the central support.

The terminal measure in diameter 19 mm. is: 50 x 75 mm.

The measure of the terminal in diameter 30 mm. is: 64 x 100 mm.

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